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Both Teams to Score (BTTS) is among the most exciting (and potentially profitable) markets in football betting. As such, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to bet on the outcome in matches across the world. We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to create the best BTTS tips online. All our predictions are 100% free of charge, meaning it costs you nothing to get them.

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What is a Both Teams to Score Bet?

A both teams to score bet is a type of wager where you back both sides in football matches to score at least one goal each. One of the most popular football tips you can find on our site, you win your bet as soon as both teams in the game score.

Standard BTTS predictions focus only on both sides scoring, meaning the result of the match doesn’t matter. There are, however, variations of the market that do include the match outcome. All of our both teams to score tips, however, make this clear.

What are the Advantages of BTTS Bets?

Our football BTTS tips are among the most popular categories on our site. This is almost exclusively because there are several upsides to this type of market. The best football tipsters often recommend this market for the following reasons.

  • Easy to Understand and Place
  • Chance to Profit from AI BTTS Tips
  • Potential for Early Settlement of Bets
  • Can be Added to Combination Wagers
  • BTTS Bets Don’t Rely on the Match Result

BTTS in betting allows you to use your football knowledge to identify matches where both teams look likely to score. As a result, this market is often utilized more by strategic football bettors.

How Do I Pick a Good Both Teams to Score Bet?

There is no guaranteed way to profit every time from BTTS betting. However, you can identify a good BTTS football prediction by using research and analysis to support when it might happen. Here are some example scenarios to illustrate this point.

  • If two free-scoring teams are likely to end the match with at least one goal each.
  • When two top teams play against each other in a league known for high-scoring games.
  • Matches, such as derbies, where stats support both teams score more often than not.
  • Games involving two teams with significant high-scoring outputs in their last five encounters.
  • Matches involving two teams with poor defence and goalkeepers but good attacking players.

We utilise artificial intelligence models that run through a myriad of stats and data points to arrive at our tips. The algorithms consider tangible factors like team form, BTTS stats, best attacking records, worst defensive records, management styles, goal volatility rates, and more. Only then do we make our both teams to score predictions.

With these points considered, you can understand why our BTTS tips for today, for example, may involve a match where two Bundesliga sides are going at it. Tomorrow, we recommend Premier League predictions for both sides to score when the numbers and analysis support it.

What Is BTTS and Win?

BTTS and Win (Both Teams to Score and Win) is a bet that combines the BTTS and match winner markets into one wager. You can only win this bet by accurately predicting the following.

  1. BTTS: That both teams will score in the match.
  2. Match Winner: The team that wins the game.

As there are two different outcomes to predict to win, the odds for BTTS and Win are higher than for both teams to score betting odds alone. Here’s an example of how the market – also known as a both teams to score no draw BTTS bet – might look.

Team BTTS & Win Odds
Germany 21/10
Scotland 14/1

A similarly popular market you’ll find in BTTS predictions is the “Result and Both to Score” type. Often used interchangeably with BTTS and Win – but distinguishable by the inclusion of the draw outcome – this market is another option for strategic bettors.

Here’s an example market you may see covered in Serie A predictions and tips at

Outcome Result & Both to Score
Inter Milan 16/5
Draw 7/2
Roma 7/1

The inclusion of the draw means that you must predict both teams to score and one of three different outcomes. The odds should be better for this market, but always compare prices to be on the safe side.

How Can I Follow Your BTTS Tips?

You can get our AI-driven BTTS predictions by visiting our site every day. You don’t need to put your hand in your pocket or sign up to register for an account. Bookmark our page and pop back to us when you’re on the hunt for some free BTTS tips and we’ll take care of the rest.

When Do You Release Your Both Teams to Score Tips?

Our both teams to score tips are released daily. For instance, you’ll find our La Liga tips released in the early morning of the next round of matches. They are always fresh and up to date, with the latest stats, data, and team news used to create them.

Which Leagues and Teams are the Best for BTTS?

The English Premier League, La Liga, and The Championship are always popular leagues for BTTS tips. With that said, both team to score Bundesliga predictions and betting tips are also fashionable, given the high output of goals scored in Germany’s top flight.

Outside of the big leagues, there is also much potential for profiting from football BTTS tips. This table shows 2023/24 stats for goals scored across all leagues around the world.

Ranking League Total Goals Avg. Per Game
1. Finland Kolmonen 801 4.01
2. England Premier League 2 771 3.86
3. England Development League 2 764 3.82
4. Germany Verbandsliga 754 3.77
5. Hong Kong 1st Division 753 3.77
6. Scotland Highland League 746 3.73
7. Wales Championship North 727 3.64
8. Austria Landesliga / Regionalliga (4th tier) 725 3.63
9. Israel Liga Bet North 720 3.60
10. Wales Championship South 709 3.55

One of our best both teams to score tips is to remember that trends change in football. Often as regularly as season to season. Especially when teams adopt different tactical approaches, or styles of play that limit attacking opportunities or lead to an increase of leaky defences.

The exploits of Inter Milan in the traditionally defence-heavy Serie A saw them ranked joint-top in Europe’s top scoring sides of 2023/24, alongside Liverpool and Bayern. But they also conceded the fewest, which may not make them a good BTTS candidate in certain cases.

Given these points, it’s crucial to follow the latest statistics and team news – or simply rely on our experts to do that for you – to ensure you’re up to date. Our AI algorithms are routinely updated to make the most accurate BTTS prediction for each match we cover.

Which are the Best Bookmakers for BTTS betting?

Today’s BTTS tips come from carefully selected partners. We consider the following sites to be among the top online bookies for this market.

  1. BetUK – Leading range of BTTS odds and markets
  2. Fitzdares – Our top choice for BTTS & Over/Under odds
  3. BetMGM – Best site for BTTS & Win odds online
  4. Spreadex – Top choice for BTTS in Both Halves
  5. Betway – Among our favourite sites for making BTTS predictions

You may or may not recognise the sites above already. They are all 100% safe and secure, with licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and solid reputations.

Compare the welcome offers available by visiting each site. You can also weigh up their market choices. For example, whether they allow you to bet on both teams to score accas.

What Other Betting Markets are Popular in Football?

Strategic bettors often gravitate to our football BTTS tips. But alongside these, we also offer predictions and tips for other popular betting markets. All for the purpose of helping you identify more advantageous odds!

  1. Card Betting Tips – Bet on a variety of different card markets including a player to be booked, both teams to have 2+ yellows, and more.
  2. Corner Betting Tips – You can wager on the total number of corners in the game and much more.
  3. Over/Under Tips – Also known as totals, you bet on whether goals, cards, free kicks, penalties, or corners will be over or under the bookie’s number.
  4. Win Tips – Get tips and bet on who wins the match, without having to worry about any other outcome or scenario.
  5. Bet Builder Tips – Receive tips for creating combination bets from several selections in a match, such as goalscorers, number of cards, and BTTS.

Outright football bets are a popular type of bet with recreational football betting fans but can sometimes be sufficient for all. Even so, our AI-powered football tips are frequent and varied enough for everyone to find something that works for them.

Of course, if it’s only today’s BTTS tips you’re after, we still have you covered!


Does Both Teams to Score Include Extra Time?

Most both teams to score bets are only applicable to the 90 minutes plus any additional injury time. As such, it’s crucial to tailor a both teams to score prediction to regular time and not to cover any extra time in most cases. The only exception is if a bookie offers a BTTS market exclusively for extra time, which is possible in live betting scenarios.

What Does Both Teams to Score No Draw Mean?

The Both Teams to Score No Draw BTTS bet covers two outcomes – one, that at least one goal is scored by both sides. Two, that the game will not end in a draw – hence, one team will win. But you don’t have to pick the team that wins, which makes it a nice alternative in our BTTS tips.

Can BTTS Bets Be Placed In-Play?

Yes, in some cases. Some online bookmakers allow you to bet in-play on whether both sides will score in a match. Understandably, the odds are unlikely to be as favourable as they would be if you had bet a BTTS tip before the match started.

What Percentage of Games Have Both Teams Scoring?

There is no consistent and reliable way to gauge this, given the sheer number of matches played around the world. However, in the England Premier League (EPL) 2023/24 season, almost 62% of matches ended with both teams scoring.

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