The Best Football Tipsters in 2024

Welcome to our guide to the best football tipsters. We’re going to explore the world of the expert football bettors, who give out advice that you can follow. Let’s kick off with a rundown of our favoured football tipping services.

List of Best Football Tipsters in the World

  1. Crypto Sports Tips – Great tips from leading crypto bookies.
  2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel – VIP tips service.
  3. Tipman Tips – Lead tipster has nine consecutive years if profit.
  4. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – Get our AI generated tips via Telegram.
  5. Football Elite (Matt Love) – Opposes the big teams at risk.
  6. James Murphy – Turns £25 into £1k with regularity.
  7. Predictology – Incredibly in-depth football stats service.
  8. Andy Robson – The man behind Andy’s Bet Club.
  9. Bookie Insiders Football – Neil Macdonald’s service specialises in goals markets.
  10. Ben Linfoot – Not just a football expert but also a top horse racing tipster.

Best Betting Tipsters in Football Reviewed

Here’s a more in-depth look at the best football tipsters UK punters have access to.

1. Crypto Sports Tips

crypto sports tips

More and more punters are choosing to gamble with betting sites that specialise in cryptocurrencies. If you’re one of them, then you absolutely have to sign up with Crypto Sports Tips, who we have ranked at number one in our list of football tipping services.

Through their Telegram channel, you’ll receive a regular stream of football predictions and promotions from leading crypto bookies such as Lucky Block and BC.GAME. Some are quick-fire tips that get straight to the point, while others go into more details and give more reasoning behind the predicted football bets.

2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

SafeBettingSites’ Telegram channel is another option for those looking to utilise the popular messaging service, to receive advice from expert football tipsters. The SafeBettingSites team give advice on a number of sports, with the beautiful game and Premier League predictions being at the top of their agenda.

Their consistently profitable football tipsters are particularly good at highlighting betting opportunities where there is some real value on offer. They provide tips for football every day of the week and VIP customers can even access extra ones.

3. Tipman Tips

Tipman Tips

If you’re after long-term profit, then Tipman Tips could be the right choice for you. Their lead football analyst has delivered consistent profits for nine consecutive years, so they’re definitely among the best betting tipsters out there.

When a service can point to such consistently profitable football strategies, it is easy to put your trust in them. They provide staking plans for a variety of different types of betting and at different budget points. This is a subscription service, but one that’s definitely worth paying for.

4. BetIdeas Telegram Channel

AI is changing many aspects of our lives and it is even having an impact when it coms to betting on football. Here at BetIdeas we utilise AI to provide selections for football wagers, with our team of analysts then adding reasoning as to why the tip has been made.

There are a number of free tips per week, which you can soon access through this website or our Telegram channel. With each of Europe’s top five leagues including La Liga predictions and a variety of markets covered, make sure that you follow us.

5. Football Elite (Matt Love)

Football Elite is the site run by Matt Love, who is one of the most popular football tipsters around. Love’s main strategy is to identify big name teams who are not in the best of form. They’re often priced shorter than they should be and value can be found in opposing them.

These tips are not only available for Europe’s top leagues such as Serie A predictions, but also the English lower leagues. Essentially, his methods are transferable across different competitions, with Love’s ‘vulnerable home favourites’ picks, having a high success rate.

6. James Murphy

James Murphy Football Tips among best football tipsters

Someone that had to feature in our football tipster list is James Murphy. He mainly operates on Twitter, where he has over 200,000 followers. With the tagline ‘James has turned £25 into £1k more times than Cristiano Ronaldo has had his eyebrows waxed’, Murphy works in conjunction with Paddy Power.

Murphy combines a light-hearted approach with some serious tips. His accas often deliver and unlike many other tipsters, there’s no charge for the advice. Follow this account and get access to one of the best free football tipsters around.

7. Predictology

If you like to build football betting strategies around statistical insight, then you need to subscribe to Predictology. Billing itself as the ‘ultimate football betting toolkit’. Predictology gives you the statistics for over 300,000 upcoming matches, across around 70 different competitions.

These stats will help you to identify betting opportunities, improving your strike rate for successful wagers. As well as having the tools available to do your own research and create strategies, Predictology also sends football predictions out everyday through email.

8. Andy Robson

Andy Robson is the man behind Andy’s Bet Club. His Twitter account has nearly 700,000 followers and he gives out several tips per week via that medium. There is also free tips for football on the Andy’s Bet Club website, which include cheat sheets.

Robson is one of the best football acca tipsters, with most of his multiple predictions being over 1.5 or 2.5 goals accumulators. Rather than charging for subscriptions, Robson’s advice is freely available. Partnering with Paddy Power, he is one of the best free tipsters football has to offer.

9. Bookie Insiders Football

Neil Macdonald runs Bookie Insiders Football. It is a subscription service with the tips sent out via Telegram. One of the most consistently profitable football tipsters around, Macdonald tends to stick to the various goals market options that are available.

One of the things we like about this service for football punters is that Macdonald doesn’t just use stats, but also analyses tactics and other factors such as team news. All of his tips are backed up with logic and with his ability to deliver regular winners, year after year, it’s no surprise that he is so well respected.

10. Ben Linfoot

Ben Linfoot might be better known as a horse racing tipster, but he also provides regular football selections. His tips can mainly be found at the Betting Zone section of the Sporting Life website, where his Value Bet column has a huge following.

As the name suggest, Value Bet highlights value betting opportunities for football fans. Linfoot tends to concentrate on the big leagues and can be quite selective with his picks, rather than giving numerous tips. If you’re looking for a tipster that can provide a considerable depth of knowledge across both football and horse racing, then Ben Linfoot is your man.

How to Choose the Best Football Betting Tipsters

Having seen our rankings of football tipping services, you may be wondering the criteria that we consider. Here are some of the most important factors.


Some tipsters stick to the big leagues in Europe with French Ligue 1 or German Bundesliga predictions, or elite competitions such as the Champions League. It can make sense to specialise, but there is also value to be found in less heralded competitions, so we like tipsters to ideally take a broad approach.


Put simply, there should be more profitable months than ones where the tipster delivers a loss. We wants tipsters to be demonstrating their prowess with hard numbers, showing their ability to make a profit.


Many tipster services ask for a subscription service. Very often, this can be money well spent for a punter, but the cost of any subscriptions has to be weighed up against the likelihood of enjoying regular profits.


The tipster should be able to show why they have come to their conclusions. Some look at statistics, while others show a deep understanding of football tactics. Team news can have a big impact on a football match and the betting markets.


How easy is it to get hold of these tips? Do you have to visit a specific website or social media page, or is there an app available? Can you get them sent to your email, or a messaging platform like Telegram? Different punters will have different preferences when it comes to how they receive their tips.

How Are Football Betting Tips Made?

So how does a successful tipster go about making their predictions? When we analysed the methods of our favourite tipsters, there were a few commonalities that we found.

Most are striving to find value. That is where the price is bigger than it really should be, based on the true probability of the bet winning. Finding value is the difficult part for the average punter and this is where the deep knowledge of football betting of tipsters, comes into its own.

By using a combination of statistical research and considering factors such as tactics and team news, tipsters are able to identify opportunities. Often they will specialise in certain competitions. Many go for the big European leagues, but there are others that will go for more niche ones, such as Football League bets, where there can often be more value to be found.

As well as specialising in certain competitions, a football betting expert often has a preference when it comes to markets. Some will go with a relatively short priced bet type such as over 1.5 goals, while others will look towards markets with bigger odds such as correct scores.

Sticking to familiar competitions and football betting markets, makes it easier for tipsters to identify value. They will recognise similar situations and their past profit loss details, can help them to see what is likely to be a good bet and what might be a bad one.

How to Join the Best Football Tipster

Of all the successful football tipsters features in our rankings, we put Crypto Sports Tips at the top. Here’s how you go about signing up to their service.

1. Download Telegram

Crypto Sports Tips football tipsters on Telegram

Crypto Sports Tips is a service that is accessed via Telegram. If you haven’t already got access to that messaging platform, download it for your mobile device or computer. You can do this by visiting the Telegram website, or visiting your app store of choice.

2. Visit Crypto Sports Tips

Now you need to visit Crypto Sports Tips and join their channel. This will ensure that you receive the tips from their football service every day.

3. Enjoy the Tips!

Once set up, you’ll get daily advice sent to Crypto Sports Tips through your Telegram account. The tips are pointed towards crypto bookies such as Lucky Block and BC.GAME, so you will need to sign up and open accounts with those sportsbooks.

Different Types of the Best Online Football Tipsters

There are all sorts of different football tips services. Let’s take a look at some of the different types that you can expect to find.

Best Football Tipsters on Twitter / X

The social media platform Twitter, which is now known as X, is a location where you can find plenty of tipsters. Those that can deliver a consistent profit per month can build huge followings, reaching into hundreds of thousands.

Generally these tips are given away for free. The most successful tipping accounts are funded by partnerships with major bookmakers, who can utilise the number of followers to recruit new sign ups.

Of course, there are also less successful tipsters out there, who are trying to build their brand. Be careful where you get your advice from. Look for services that publish a win loss record and if there isn’t one, monitor the results of the tips yourself for a while, before following their advice.

Best Football Tipsters on Facebook

Another social media platform that is often used by tipsters is Facebook. It is perhaps fair to say that Facebook has gone beyond its peak and is not being used so frequently by people these days, but it is still the third biggest website in the world, ahead of Twitter.

Often, you’ll find that the big tipsters that can consistently deliver a monthly profit, will make use of both Facebook and Twitter. That way, that can tap into a bigger audience, reaching potential punters who may use one of these social media platforms, but not the other.

Again, tipsters on Facebook are generally looking towards building a big follower base and are often giving out free advice to do so. They find their endeavours with partnerships with bookies, or by trying to push followers towards their own subscription service.

Best Telegram Tipsters for Football

A newer platform that is being increasingly used by tipsters is Telegram. It is a secure messaging platform which is perfect for delivering tips to a punter’s phone.

Mobile betting is big business, with most big bookies having developed mobile betting apps that allow their users to gamble, wherever they are. It therefore makes sense that tipsters have sought to find solutions, in order to bring their betting strategy and advice to the phones of subscribers.

We can’t always be in front of a computer all day, but with apps like Telegram, we can still keep up with betting advice from successful football tipsters, as we go about our busy days.

Best Football Tipster Websites

Some tipsters prefer to have their own solid presence on the internet, in the form of a website. Often it will be run in conjunction with different social media platforms, with the various methods all feeding into each other, to grow an interconnected audience.

A dedicated website can give a tipster more space and freedom from which to show off their services. A website could have different sections for various types of specific tips, such as prediction results and football accumulators. Then there can be sections giving information on subscription packages, or a detail track record of bets placed, showing a win loss record.

If a tipster has made the effort to produce a website, which can come at financial expense, it can indicate that they offer a professional service, that can be trusted. We would however, still suggest that you consider the actual tipping record, to determine whether the website has produced a long-term profit.

Are the Best Tipsters for Football Free?

Some tipsters give out their selections for football bets for free, while others keep them behind a paywall, which can only be accessed with a subscription. You might think that the tipsters that charge for their services are obviously more trustworthy and will provide more regular winners, than those giving their tips out for free.

That is not necessarily the case. Often, the only difference is the method of funding. While there can be free tipsters who are on their way up and trying to build a reputation, who may not be able to demonstrate consistent profits, there are many more established ones that can, but have decided to take a different route to the subscription model.

When you look at the big names vying to be the best free football tipster in the world, there are a few things that they share in common. They tend to have a large number of followers, which in some ways demonstrates their ability to deliver a monthly profit. Most will also be able to provide some track record of their success as a tipster. Finally, they will generally be partnered with at least one reputable bookmaker and make money from the sign ups that they provide for that bookie.

So just because tips are given away for free, doesn’t mean that they are necessarily less valuable than ones that you pay for. It’s simply a different business model. Treat them equally and judge them on their win or loss record.

Are There any Football Tipster Services You Should Avoid?

We’ve mainly covered the best types of tipsters out there, but you’ll find that there are also ones that should be avoided.

There really should be some way to examine the record of a tipster. If they can demonstrate profitable months, year after year, you can safely follow their advice. Any tipster delivering this level of success will want to advertise it, so be wary of those that keep their betting record to themselves.

If all the tips are largely accas or correct scores at big odds, it might pay to be cautious. They may deliver the odd moment of short term profit, but generally, long term success comes with a slow and steady approach.

As well as being able to show regular profits, tipsters should be able to back up their predictions. That can be achieved with the use of statistics, or a logical argument that demonstrates a deep understanding of football and in-depth research. If tips are being suggested without anything to back them up, why should punters have any faith in them?

Betting services that don’t have much of a following, should be treated with some suspicion. They could just be starting out and actually have a decent strike rate, but equally, their lack of followers might indicate a lack of a return on investment. Check out reviews and feedback if you can. Are people happy with the service?

How to Follow Our Football Betting Tips

Our AI-generated tips are building a deserved reputation for excellence. The best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on the potential return of our advice, is to sign up to the BetIdeas Telegram channel when it launches very soon.

Best Football Tipsters in Summary

We hope that you enjoyed our guide to the best football tipsters. As you will have learned, if tipsters can demonstrate a consistent return on investment, then they are a crucial part of any punter’s betting advice. They say that knowledge is power and the knowledge that tipsters impart can certainly be a powerful resource for bettors.


Who is the best tipster in football?

We have rated Crypto Sports Tips as the ultimate football tipster service. To make your own assessment, we recommend taking a look at the records of profits and how far they stretch back.

Can a football tipping service guarantee you winners?

No tipster can always guarantee winners. Yet many have a deep history of consistently delivering a percentage profit. So if you follow their tips regularly, you can expect to make a certain percentage return on your staking investment.

Who are the best football tipsters and why?

Our recommended tipsters, such as Crypto Sports Tips, SafeBettingSites and the BetIdeas Telegram channel are amongst the best in the business. They regularly deliver profits for punters with their advice.

How do I know if a football tipster is profitable?

Check to see if they publish a record of their bets and the success rate. If they don’t you can always check the results of their bets yourself, over a period of time, to see if they make profit.

Do the best football tipster sites only cover major leagues?

Different tipsters have different approaches. Some like to specialise in major leagues, while others look to smaller ones for extra value. Then there are some that stick to a certain bet type and others that have a more generalist approach.

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