The Best Basketball Tipsters in 2024

Good basketball tipsters can help you improve your chances of winning money. They provide advice and data in the form of tips, covering everything from the NBA to European leagues. Our list of the best tipsters for basketball is a mix of free tipsters and those who may charge fees.

Best Basketball Tipsters in the World

Basketball experts provide accurate insights by crunching data such as team form and player stats. Here are ten of the top NBA best tipsters and others providing advice for betting on basketball in other popular leagues.

  1. Tipman Tips – Top-rated basketball tipsters
  2. Crypto Sports Tips – Best tipsters for NBA on Telegram
  3. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – AI-generated basketball tips
  4. The Midfield – Among the best NBA betting tipsters online
  5. Dimers – Leading NBA tipsters on Twitter
  6. Free Super Tips – Top resource for picks and bets on basketball
  7. Covers – Free tips and basketball bets for major leagues and more
  8. NBA Picks Betting Tips – Telegram channel with expert tipsters
  9. Free Picks PickDawgz – Top YouTube channel for NBA tips
  10. Cash – Excellent Twitter account with accurate basketball insights

Top Basketball Tipster Reviews

The top basketball tipsters can be found on regular websites or through their respective social media accounts. Here’s a closer look at our top five tipsters and how you can find them.

1. Tipman Tips – Expert Basketball Tips Backed by Facts

Tipman Tips

We’re fans of how Tipman Tips dives deep into the details. Whether it’s NBA Playoffs or European Leagues, you get fact-backed tips that focus heavily on form, player stats, and other measurable metrics. Their basketball bet builder tips are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Tipman Tips offers paid subscriptions that range in value. You can sign up and try things out for yourself, with a free month available. They also have a Telegram channel featuring free straight-up and basketball accumulator tips, from time to time. Visit the site now if you’d like to find out more.

2. Crypto Sports Tips – Superb Telegram Betting Channel

crypto sports tips

Telegram is home to some of the best betting tipsters in the business, and Crypto Sports Tips is no different. Here you will find a range of basketball betting picks and tips focusing on regular season games, championship showdowns, and much more. From player props to over/unders, there’s always a nice mix available.

The Crypto Sports Tips Telegram channel is easy to navigate. You can look through the latest daily suggestions and take advantage of tipsters’ knowledge of American basketball and more. You’ll find appealing basketball odds for a wide range of different bets, leaving it up to you to decide what’s best.

3. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – Upcoming Channel with AI Basketball Tips

This soon-to-be-launched features AI-generated tips – in other words, the types of basketball tipsters you’ve probably never used before. Backed by science and data, the computers do all the crunching and calculating to provide you with predictions and picks for the biggest games in the sport.

The BetIdeas Telegram Channel will revolutionise how we get our tips and cut through our basketball odds. The best part is that you can access it just as easily as you can with any other profitable basketball tipster online. If that sounds exciting, make sure to get involved!

4. The Midfield – A Great Source for Betting on Basketball

The Midfield basketball tipsters

If you’re looking for free NBA tips with stats and spreads for every game, The Midfield is a great place to start. Claiming to be the “Best NBA Tipster Online,” the site is a goldmine for basketball picks including college games, European league matches, and more.

The Midfield is very NBA-heavy but that’s not a bad thing. Especially as the site has been designed to make it as easy as possible to find tips as well as historic stats, heatmaps, and more data that can help you create your own basketball tips in no time.

5. Dimers – Website & Twitter Handle with Free NBA Tips

Dimers basketball tipsters

We love what Dimers does both on their website and Twitter handle, under @DimersCom. In short, they provide some of the most cutting-edge basketball predictions and tips anywhere. They’ve been in the business for over 12 years, and it shows.

Dimers has a vibrant, thriving community of basketball betting fans. They regularly post their predictions and picks with short and snappy data justifying their calls. Dimers just might be the best NBA tipsters online today.

How to Choose a Basketball Tipster

Never sign up with a tipster until you’re sure they can be trusted. Anyone can call themselves the best basketball tipster on Twitter, so what you want to do is to see some proof. Here is a checklist to help you choose the right tipsters.

  • Accessibility – Do you need to sign up for an account or a Telegram channel to join them?
  • Reputation and Standing – Are they highly-rated and do they have a lot of followers and subscribers?
  • Track Record – How long have they been providing tips for basketball odds and is their record favourable?
  • Evidence of Profit – Can they back up any claims of sustained profit with evidence and hard data?
  • Knowledge of Markets – Does this tipster understand the wide range of betting markets available to punters where you are?
  • Transparency – Are the tipsters direct and honest in their dealings or do they hide behind faceless profiles?
  • Speciality – Do they double up as general betting tipsters or focus exclusively on basketball?
  • Availability – Is it easy to get a hold of someone to talk to, such as when you have questions about your subscription?
  • Costs – Do the tips come free or is there a price to pay for signing up and receiving them?

How Basketball Betting Tips Are Made

Tipsters primarily focus on popular basketball betting markets, making expert picks following an analysis of both teams. The best tipsters provide accurate basketball tips on a regular basis, but you shouldn’t expect them to win every time. Here’s how they make their tips.

Pre-Match Research

Tipsters treat each game as a separate entity, weighing up the favourite and the underdog. To do this, they study form, injuries, and team cohesion – the same things that a bookie does before offering money line bets. Once they have evaluated all the tangible factors, they turn to betting markets.

Identifying Betting Value

Value is key to a tipster, so they will usually start with basketball betting lines and moneyline wagers. In much the same way boxing tipsters are forced to look at handicap markets and other bet types, expert tipsters will identify betting value in areas often overlooked by novice bettors.

Rationalising Selections

Reliable tipsters don’t make their selections on a whim. Instead, they can rationalise why there is betting value in-game totals or certain player prop picks. They provide their rationale and basketball stats as a means to back up what they think will happen – this may be enough to convince you to bet.

How to Join the Best Basketball Tipster

Tipman Tips is our #1 choice for basketball betting tips. Here’s how to join!

1. Head Over to Tipman Tips

Tipman Tips sign up

Visit now to register.

2. Choose Your Subscription

Tipman Tips

You can get a free one-month trial on the site. Or, if you’d like to select a paid subscription package, choose yours from the dropdown list.

3. Receive Your Free Basketball Tips

Now you’re up and running, it’s time to get your basketball tips!

Free vs. Paid Tipsters for Basketball

Some of the world’s best tipsters provide their advice for free. Others sit behind paywalls and cost money to get. Ultimately, paying for tips and betting predictions doesn’t guarantee success. But that doesn’t always mean you should avoid paid-for tips.

Who Provides the Tips?

We know of some fantastic tipsters who charge for their services. When we consider the depth of research they apply to weekly basketball games – which involves studying several basketball teams before weighing up correct predictions – the cost is often justified.

What is Your Budget?

If you have set yourself a budget of £100 a month to bet with, can you afford to pay for tips? It’s always best to consider what you can afford and go from there. You can pick up expert basketball betting tips for free on major publications, which may be enough.

Why Not Try Before You Buy?

You might have the money to justify paying for basketball handicap betting tips, or similar services. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay. Instead, make use of some of the trials on offer – everyone from basketball to golf tipsters is providing anywhere up to a month where you can try before you buy!

Are There Any Basketball Tipping Services I Should Avoid?

As with any service, you want a provider you can trust. More than this, you should be receiving something of value for anything you pay for. Here are some tips for spotting services to avoid.

  • Something Appears Off – Always trust your instinct if something doesn’t look or feel right – even if you are wrong, you’ve lost nothing.
  • Ridiculous Claims – If they claim to be the best basketball tipster on Twitter but have three followers, keep scrolling.
  • Worrying Reviews – Not all reviews can be trusted – with that said, you should always take note if there are several reviews of a worrying nature.
  • Aggressive Marketing – Floods of unsolicited messages from tipsters talking about return on investments or annual record profits are not a good sign.
  • Poor Quality – If tips are poorly researched and seem to lack any applied knowledge, you should keep looking elsewhere.

How to Follow Our Expert Basketball Betting Tips

You can get your AI-generated basketball tips over on the BetIdeas Telegram Channel. This channel, which is set to launch soon, is an exciting twist in the world of basketball tips. Powered by the newest in tech, it’s something we cannot wait for you to see.

The Best Basketball Tipsters in Summary

Choosing tipsters for basketball is much easier when you know what to look out for. Whether you’re in search of the best NBA tipster on Telegram or Twitter, quality is the primary factor you should be concerned with. Whether you are paying for tips or getting them for free, it is the source that matters most!


Are free basketball predictions available?

Yes, you can find a myriad of free basketball predictions and picks from several reputable sources. Many tipsters provide free betting tips on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and their websites.

Who are the best basketball tipsters today?

Our list of the leading basketball tipsters rates the likes of Tipman, Crypto Sports Tips, and others as the best around. You can also find other highly-rated tipsters and services including Covers and Props.Cash come highly rated by our experts.

What goes in to reliable basketball tips?

Three major factors in reliable betting tips are stringent research, in-depth analysis, and applied knowledge. Quality tipsters delve deep into the details when it comes to providing tips, and – whether the tips win or lose – you should always find they are backed by some facts and data.

Am I guaranteed profit for a basketball betting prediction?

No. There is no such thing as a guaranteed profit or return on investment when you bet. This is because there is always a risk when you gamble. Even the best basketball teams of all time have suffered shock defeats due to a plethora of variables that ultimately worked against them on the day.

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