The Best Tennis Tipsters in 2024

Welcome to our expert guide to tennis tipsters. We’re going to examine the top tipsters in the sport of tennis, with reviews of the services available to punters and everything else that you need to know about the subject. Let’s start by revealing our favourite tennis betting tipsters.

Top Tennis Tipsters in the World

  1. Tipman Tips – Top tips from subscription service
  2. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – AI generated tips through Telegram coming soon
  3. The Rolling Aces – 61% of their tennis tips are successful
  4. Tennis Profits – Top tennis trading advice and stats
  5. Winnerodds – AI tips generate 8.5% ROI
  6. MegaDice – Crypto betting company serves up tennis tips
  7. Tennis Goldmine – Hit the jackpot with this subscription service
  8. Ace Tennis Previews – Tips service has free advice and paid options
  9. LoveWinners – Deliver big profits at Grand Slams
  10. Sean Calvert – Tennis expert who has worked for Betfair and Unibet

Best Tennis Tipsters Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at the top tennis tipsters with some in-depth reviews.

1. Tipman Tips

Tipman Tips

Our favourite tennis tipster service is Tipman Tips. They provide regular tips for a number of sports, including tennis. They have three separate staking plans that feature daily tips. There are plans for premium horse racings tips, value betting and football tips & other sports, with the latter two offering tennis advice.

Tipman Tips have four years of trackable results that you can look back upon, with their lead expert tipster who has been delivering long term profit over nine years. There are various subscription plans to suit all budgets, all of which come without any need for a contract. You can also take advantage of their free Telegram group.

2. BetIdeas Telegram Channel

AI is changing the world as we know it and that is even true when it comes to daily tennis tips. Here at BetIdeas, we are using the latest AI technology to give tips for tennis betting markets, with our team of expert professional tipsters then adding their reasoning.

You will soon be able to access this betting advice through our Telegram channel or this website. Follow us to be able to access our tips for regular tennis events across the world, throughout the year.

3. The Rolling Aces

The Rolling Aces tennis tipsters

A particularly successful tennis tipster is Richie at the Rolling Aces. This service is available through the Betting Gods platform and consistently delivers results. Since launching at August 2021, Rolling Aces’ tips win at an impressive strike rate of just over 61%.

The returns on investment averages at a solid 8%, which with their recommended staking plan, returns a profit of just under £125 a month. There are trial periods schemes for this subscription service, starting at just 99p for ten days.

4. Tennis Profits

Tennis Profits tennis tipsters

If you’re looking to get involved with tennis trading on betting exchanges, then you need to catch up with the detailed analyses taking place at Tennis Profits. The trio of Steve Brown, Matt Bisogno and Paul Shires share their expert insights, which includes daily tips and practical lessons on trading on the sport.

There’s also a stats section that you can access. It covers the top 900 men and women tennis players, while there is also trading statistics for match betting. With a number of trading strategies available for you to follow, this is a sports betting service that we can really recommend.

5. Winnerodds

Winnerodds tennis tipsters

Another tennis predictions service making use of AI technology are Winnerodds. With a database of over 1,000,000 matches and more than 50,000 tennis players, Winnerodds identifies opportunities where the tennis odds available in upcoming matches are not in synch with the true probability.

Every day there are close to 40 picks for you to choose from. These tips produce an 8.5% yield from online bookmakers. It’s quite an expensive subscription service, so we’d only recommend Winnerodds for those planning to bet with large stakes on their tennis selections. They are also well-regarded as football tipsters too.

How to Select the Best Tennis Betting Tipsters

You may be wondering how we go about ranking successful tipsters. Here are some of the factors that we consider.

Track Record

The record of profitable tipsters will always be taken more seriously if they can point to years of profits, rather than merely weeks or months. We like to see detailed records of profitable months if possible.


How much profit is being delivered on a weekly basis from the tipster’s tennis predictions? We also like to see the percentage of the tips success rate and a ROI.

Variety of Markets

There is money to be made from Grand Slam events, but to deliver consistent profits, the best betting tipsters need to cover a wide range of tennis tournaments, ranging from ATP and WTA Tours, to lower quality fare. Some tipsters specialise in specific markets, but we like to see a variety on offer.


Does the service cost anything and if so, how much? There are some free tennis tipsters who have alternative funding methods to subscriptions. With subscription services, we will analyse the monthly cost in relation to the return on investment.


A tipster can be profitable, but you might not want to use their service if it is difficult to access the advice. We look into the usability of the service and how they are delivering their tips.

How Tennis Betting Tips Are Made

We’ve talked a lot about the amount of profits that can be generated by tipsters. In this section we’re going to discuss how an expert tennis tipster makes their predictions.

Generally, tipsters are looking for value. That is when a bet is a bigger price than it really should be, based on the true probability of it being successful.

Gauging the this probability is where the tipsters’ knowledge of tennis betting is important. They may use a combination of factors to determine where the value is, such as stats and their tennis expertise.

The best-performing tipsters tend to try and deliver a steady stream of relatively short-priced winners, rather than the occasional winner at big odds at occasional major events. This is a more sustainable way of delivering profits.

A reliable tennis tipster may look to focus on one area of the sport and really get to know it, such as the ATP Tours or women’s game. Some will also choose to specialise in common betting markets, such as game handicaps. Specialising can make it easier for tipsters to spot a value opportunity.

How to Join the Best Tennis Tipster

Tipman Tips topped our list of favourite tipsters for tennis. We’re going to take you through the steps needed to join their Telegram group.

1. Download Telegram


If you haven’t already, you will need to download Telegram. This can be done by visiting the website if on a computer, or through the appropriate app store, if using a mobile device.

2. Visit the Tipman Tips website

Tipman Tips sign up

Go to the website of Tipman Tips. Click on the heading marked Subscriptions. Scroll down until you see the message ‘Get involved in our FREE telegram group!’ on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Join Telegram group

Tipman Tips Telegram

Click on the green button marked ‘Free Group’. You will be taken through to the Telegram website. Click on the blue button marked ‘Join Channel’.

4. Enjoy the Tips!

You will now receive free tips for betting on tennis, which will be delivered straight to your Telegram app.

Can You Trust Free Tennis Tipsters or is it Better to Subscribe?

When you are making a choice of tipsters for tennis, you will notice that some charge a subscription for their services and some give out their advice for free.

There is a temptation to automatically think that analyses from tipsters is more legitimate if there is a charge involved. This is not necessarily the case.

Generally the difference between subscription and free tipping services are the method of funding, or motivation for giving out betting strategies. With a subscription service, it is quite straightforward. You’re paying to receive the tips and that is how the tipster is making their money.

Free tipsters might make money from their service through a partnership with a bookmaker, who are looking to use the tips to entice sign-ups. Or, sometimes bookmakers have their own tipping websites and employ experts to give tips on sports such as tennis, which are available for free.

So whether it is free tips or a subscription service, the tipsters are earning money from their endeavours. The only difference is the cost to you, the consumer.

If you can find a reliable tipster who is giving their tennis tips away for free, then that is a very reliable resource. With a subscription service, you have to balance up the cost of the monthly free, with the profits they are generating.

Sometimes to ROI isn’t quite big enough to justify the expense. You also have to consider your level of staking. The ROI might only be large enough to warrant the cost of a subscription, if you are staking large amounts of money.

Are There Any Tennis Tipster Services You Should Avoid?

When betting in tennis markets, it pays to be selective in terms of which tipster you put your trust in.

The most important thing to establish with a tipster is whether they are capable of delivering consistent profits. Those that do, normally advertise their successes, giving evidence of their profit/loss records, often going back over some years.

If a tipster doesn’t show their ROI, it might be because their tips are not generating a profit. Track the results of their tips for a couple of months and see how they fare. This is also good advice, even with tipsters who display their profit history, as you want to be sure that the information that they are giving is legitimate.

Another thing to consider is whether a tipster is revealing their understanding of tennis betting, alongside their tips. If someone is simply giving their tips, without any accompanying reasoning to justify their selections, then you should be cautious about following the advice.

Subscription services that charge large monthly fees, are another thing to scrutinise. The betting skills of the tipster may justify the expense, but you need to be very sure that is the case, before parting with your money.

How to Follow Our Tennis Betting Tips

Here at BetIdeas you can enjoy our AI generated tennis tips for free. The best way to make sure that you never miss our tennis matches betting advice is to subscribe to our Telegram channel.

With Telegram, you’ll receive tips from BetIdeas straight to your phone. Our advice can cover everything in tennis from outright betting in Grand Slam tournaments, to match markets in the many smaller events that take place each week.

So sign up to the BetIdeas Telegram channel now to ensure that you’re always in the know about our AI generated tennis tips.

Tennis Tipsters in Summary

We hope that you enjoyed our guide to tennis betting tipsters. Tennis players are in action nearly all-year round, with major tournaments and smaller ones taking place every week. This busy schedule makes tennis the perfect sport to bet on and having reliable advice from a top tipster that you can trust, is an important element.


Do tennis tips come with any guarantees of profit?

There’s never a guarantee of profit when you place an individual bet, but many tipsters can point to a strong record of profits that date back years. Based on their past results, that means that if you follow all of their tips, you can expect to see a healthy return.

Who are the best tennis tipsters?

The likes of Tipman Tips, Betideas Telegram channel and Rolling Aces ranked highly in our evaluation of the top tipsters for the sport of tennis. What we look for from a tennis betting guide are consistent profits and reputable track record.

What makes a profitable tennis tipster?

Profitable tipsters are able to consistently identify when tennis betting odds are bigger than they really should be, based on the true probability of the bet winning. To determine the true probability, tipsters use their betting experience, statistics and knowledge of the sport.

Are there any free tennis tipsters out there?

Yes, there are plenty of free tips for tennis available. Our Betideas Telegram channel is an example, providing AI generated tips for free. Generally, free tipsters simply have a different funding model to subscription services. Their advice can be just as valuable.

Is a paid tennis tipster better than a free one?

Not necessarily. Many tips are available for free because the tipster has a partnership with a bookie, while there are also bookmakers that run their own tipping sites in order to attract new customers. The important aspect to consider is whether the tipster can deliver consistent profits.

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