Best Betting Tipsters 2024 – Top Tipping Services

The best betting tipsters can help you increase your chances of winning money. If you’re looking to make smarter football selections or tally up regular winners in horse racing and other sports, it’s worth getting acquainted with these individuals and groups.

Our guide to the best tipsters in the UK outlines how and where to find the top names. Compare each of our leading suggestions before making your betting predictions today. Then, keep reading to find out more about top tipsters covering sports including tennis, cricket, boxing, golf, and others.

List of Best Betting Tipsters in the World Today

  1. Crypto Sports Tips – Among the top betting tipsters in the UK
  2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel – Exceptional advice via data-backed tips
  3. Tipman Tips – Voted Best UK Racing Tipster 2022 by
  4. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – AI-generated tips created through cutting-edge technology coming soon
  5. Andy’s Football Tips – Probably the best tipster on Twitter
  6. Oddsbot on Tapology – Profitable betting tipster with free MMA and boxing tips
  7. WagerTalk TV – YouTube channel with excellent picks for US sports and bet types
  8. FootyStats – Comprehensive football stats site with outstanding tips
  9. Horse Racing Tips VIP Only – The best Facebook horse racing tips group
  10. Stilian Aleksandrov – Instagram’s #1 betting predictions and tips channel

Reviews of the Best Tipsters to Follow in 2024

Quality, fact-based tips and advice are nice to have in your pocket when betting online. If you are looking to lock in a monthly profit from football matches or target the occasional event in other sports – the best tipsters can help. Here are some of our favourite tipsters to follow.

1. Crypto Sports Tips – Next-Level Tips from Betting Masters

crypto sports tips betting tipsters

We’re huge fans of Crypto Sports Tips, who offer some of the most incisive free footie predictions out there. While some tipsters focus exclusively on English leagues, these guys – through their @cryptosportstips Telegram channel – consider the bigger picture.

Joining the channel gives you access to daily tips and predictions for football matches from around the world. What we really like about their tips, however, is how much thought goes into them. Whether it’s Man City vs Spurs or Rouen vs Versailles, these cut right into the top bets to target and why!

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2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel – Premium-Quality Tips for Free

SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

The prodigious minds over at SafeBettingSites have put together a quality Telegram channel packed with free tips and predictions. Some of the content on the channel is up there with what the best horse racing tipsters and football predictors churn out on the daily.

With over 12k subscribers and counting, this group is lively. You’ll find the lowdown on all kinds of different sports, with expert opinions and insight offered for the biggest markets of the day. We can’t get enough of SafeBettingSites!

3. Tipman Tips – Stellar Tips Site with Something for Everyone

Tipman Tips

We’d still love Tipman if it wasn’t already one of the best betting tipsters in the UK. But thankfully, it is. voted the best UK Racing Tipster in 2022, which is a mighty compliment. It is also a welcome recognition for providing some of the finest horse racing predictions and insight online.

Tipman isn’t all about racing, however. They offer sports and betting tips for a wide range of different sports including football, boxing, golf, F1, tennis, rugby, and even more. A monthly subscription with Tipman gets you access to all racing tips and writeups, an InPlay Bot Channel, Premium Chat Groups, and additional premium content.

4. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – The Future of Betting Tips

Looking for cutting-edge predictions from the latest in AI technology? If that’s the case, we can certainly vouch for the quality here at You will soon have access to the Bet of the Day, multiple predictions, and even prediction results to keep you informed at all stages of your journey. This service is coming soon!

BetIdeas will cover all major football leagues, with Premier League, La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga predictions, and Ligue 1 markets considered. Rather than focusing on the same old markets, artificial intelligence technology will pick the best bets from cards, BTTS, corners, over-unders, and bet builders. If you want a modern betting experience, add us to the equation. Watch out for even sports betting tips when the BetIdeas Telegram Channel launches in the near future!

5. Andy’s Football Tips – Twitter’s Smartest Footie Tipster

Andy's Football Tips

Andy Robson’s rise to prominence in the world of tips has been well deserved. This profitable football tipster is among the most respected in the betting industry, operating primarily from his @AndyRobsonTips Twitter account. His prodigious talent for crunching numbers and spotting consistent opportunities makes his advice invaluable.

By following Andy’s Football Tips on a regular basis, you get access to free tips for matches in the EPL, European leagues, international arena, and more. Andy breaks down the state of play before games, offering insight into why certain bets look more appealing than others.

6. Oddsbot on Tapology – Excellent Combat Sports Predictions

Oddsbot on Tapology

We’re familiar with a lot of MMA and boxing heads who think they can predict fights. No one out there is quite as talented as Tapology’s Oddsbot, however. The user has an open profile where you can access on free the MMA and boxing resource – from here, you can follow his predictions and picks for UFC, Bellator, boxing matches, and more.

By pointing out his predictions record – which comes in at 73.6% from 6,074 correct and 2,183 incorrect, at the time of writing – you can see just how prolific he is.

More Top Tipsters to Follow

Here are some other leading tipsters to follow today.

  • WagerTalk TV – The Best Place for NFL and NBA Predictions and Picks
  • FootyStats – Quality Predictions Site with up to 5 Free Tips Per Day
  • Horse Racing Tips VIP Only – Facebook’s Leading Racing Tips Group
  • Stilian Aleksandrov – Leading Instagram Tipster with Huge ROI

Where to Find the Best Sports Betting Tipsters

You’ll find quality sports betting tips available for all events and bet types via a host of different platforms. From social media to traditional websites, there’s something for everyone willing to look for it.

Best Betting Tipsters on Twitter

Twitter, now known officially as X, is one of the top places to find good tips. You’ll stumble upon a good mix of free tipsters and those charging fees, with many choosing Elon Musk’s platform to do their business.

You’ll find tips for horse racing, football, rugby, basketball, and just about any other major sport worth betting on. Some of the advantages of using Twitter are that the site displays details such as followers, who a handle is following, and comment history. The site’s algorithm auto-suggests other handles for tipsters when you follow one or more.

Leading Bookmaker Tipping Services

Many of the UK’s leading betting tipsters are employed directly by bookies. Some of the biggest names in the betting industry pay for these tipsters to provide insight, analysis, and advice for betting on major events. Quite often, these individuals have expert knowledge that could come in handy.

There are obvious upsides to gaining knowledge from the pros. One of the downsides, however, is that key industry figures providing tips tend to have less riding on their predictions than those who make a career from them.

Best Tipsters on Facebook

Almost everyone out there has a Facebook account. The United Kingdom had close to 56 million users in 2024, which accounts for a sizeable portion of the 67 million inhabiting the UK. Chances are, you have a profile – if you do, this means easy access to tons of top tips.

While football rules in the UK, the globally connected nature of Facebook makes it easy to access tips for other sports also. For example, you can get your Premier League tips from several sources before locking in on predictions for NBA, cricket, boxing, hurling, MMA, and more. Just make sure the tips are fact-based and worthy of investment!

Tipster Websites to Consider

A website is a regular internet page with the likes of a .com or suffix. Although some social media tipsters do everything through Twitter or Facebook, some also have sites you can join. Whether tips are free, pay-per-view – or a bit of both – depends on who is giving them.

Many premium tipsters use websites as they look more professional in doing so. Others have sites as many of the predictions and tips behind paywalls are better suited to this format. One of the benefits of using tipster websites is they are always easy to locate.

Best Telegram Tipsters

We recommend exploring tipsters on Telegram on a regular basis. Although this messaging app is not as popular as Twitter or Facebook, it serves as an excellent means of finding quality tipsters. Many of the top individuals and groups providing betting advice and tips for popular sports make their Telegram addresses known on other sites, too.

Telegram has advantages such as easy access and instant, encrypted message technology. For this reason, many of the world’s leading tipsters make good use of it. We’re a fan of Telegram Messenger channels in the UK like SafeBettingSites.

More Betting Tipsters Online

There’s an abundance of other places you can look for more tips and tipsters. We’re particularly keen on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit. Sites catering to football and martial arts stats are also good places to look, such as Tapology or the Michael Owen-endorsed FootyStats.

How to Choose from the Best Tipsters in the World

The best UK tipsters turn over monthly profits by predicting event winners, correct scores, and other betting markets. Identifying the outstanding candidates is made easier by judging them against the following criteria.

Reputation and Standing

The first thing to look out for are tipsters that can back up their claims. Anyone with an internet connection and Twitter account can say they’ve made X amount of profit or predicted 75% of all winners. Verified tipsters with good standing will be able to demonstrate this is true.

Success Rate

Success or strike rates are one of the main factors distinguishing good tipsters from pretenders. Professional tip providers use in-depth research and data to arrive at fact-based conclusions. These tend to be the folks with accurate predictions in the higher percentile.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Tipsters refer to the ratio of net profit or loss from their initial investment as their ROI. This is a figure worked out by dividing the net profit by total stakes and multiplying by 100% – the higher, the better. Some of the best Facebook tipsters flaunt positive ROIs around major horse racing coverage or other big events.

Average and Long-Term Profits

Other key indicators of success are the average and long-term profits made by tipsters. It’s always better to see someone with figures dating at least a year or two, to get a better sense of their potency. Sometimes, tipsters use subscribers’ profits to advertise their services.

Odds Average

Discerning between the best betting tipsters in the world – and the jokers looking to take your money – can be as easy as looking at odds averages. We recommend tipsters with higher odds averages over time; a strike rate alone can look good if they always predict the favourite to win!

Best Betting Tipsters by Sport

The best football betting tipsters and predictors from other sports require exceptional knowledge to succeed. Furthermore, they must have an eye for betting value, in addition to a complete understanding of betting and gambling. Here’s what is required when providing tips in each sport, below.

Best Betting Tipsters for Football

The best soccer betting tipsters trawl through thousands of football betting markets before predicting match winners, correct scores, and other bets that make sense. This requires a comprehensive understanding of football as well as the ability to analyse complex team and player data. As no league or tournament is the same, quality football predictors leave no stone unturned.

Best Tipsters for Horse Racing & Greyhounds

Truly knowledgeable horse racing and greyhound tipsters dedicate themselves to understanding course and track dynamics. They research and study form, conditions, trainer and jockey performances, as well as other indicators of future performance. Tipsters in these sports also factor in the many hazards that can see even the most talented animal lose.

Best Tennis Betting Tipsters

Even the very best tennis tipsters need to put the hard graft in to see results. As one of the world’s favourite sports to bet on, tons of tips and advice are available for major events like Wimbledon and the Australian Open. Always look for tipsters offering strategic advice on weather, surface, and the dynamics of certain stylistic matchups.

Best Cricket Tipsters

Cricket is a huge sport in the UK and other countries like Australia, India, and Pakistan. But fans from all around the world bet on the advice provided by leading cricket tipsters. These are the minds that plot and strategize with intensity, considering everything from batsman’s previous elbow injuries to the bounce of the ball on softer terrain.

Best Golf Tipsters

Everyone wants to follow the best golf tipsters with numerous winners under their belts. This is arguably the truest representation of someone with a clear understanding of the sport. Making regularly accurate predictions in golf means knowing about player strengths and weaknesses, course dynamics, stats, and the best market to target based on form and other tangibles.

Best Rugby Tipsters

Although rugby tips don’t come as thick and fast, with several daily selections akin to football, good tipsters know what to target. Rugby is a comprehensive sport where confidence, team dynamics, and intricate betting strategy matters. Some of the best tips for rugby focus on what should happen when all of the above – as well as home advantage and weather – are thrown into the mix.

Best Boxing Tipsters & Other Combat Sports

Die-hard boxing and MMA enthusiasts with a flair for detail often make the most resounding tipsters. Even the most convincing of combat sports bets can be turned to dust after just one punch, kick, or submission attempt. Such is the life of top UFC and the best boxing tipsters making their predictions before the latest bouts. Form, mentality, and various factors outside of the cage are taken into account by leading tipsters.

Best Darts & Snooker Tipsters

Traditional “pub sports” like darts and snooker have some of the most interesting bets out there. As such, you’ll find the wiliest of tipsters dominating when it comes to accurate predictions. These are very volatile sports that usually come down to the slightly better player on the day. The smartest pro tipsters are looking for the subtle tells and giveaways that can make a difference.

Best NBA Tipsters & Other US Major Leagues

To make substantial annual profits in US sports, one must demonstrate exceptional knowledge and fact-based reasoning. While luck plays a major role in where the ball lands or whether the wide receiver gets over the line, top NBA basketball tipsters and those covering other Major Leagues target what they can control. As with other sports, they concentrate on team sheets, form, and turning heavy data into profitable bets.

Are the Best Free Betting Tipsters Better Than Subscription Services?

Unfortunately, there is no short answer to this question. Instead, it’s better to consider the bigger picture when weighing up what subscription services offer over free tips. Here are some factors to think about before deciding.

Free Tips Don’t Cost a Thing

Many successful horse racing tipsters, for example, don’t charge any fees – but others do. Both may deliver pretty similar prediction results and have equally excellent records. Ultimately, the most favourable aspect of using free tipsters is that you don’t have to pay upfront.

While the research and time spent on subscription-based tips may make them a little more rational, you’re certainly not paying for secret knowledge. The advice you get for your weekly or monthly fees is probably somewhere else, for free.

Research is Necessary

If you decide to traverse the path of paid tips services, exercise caution before handing over payment details. Some tipsters charge a nominal monthly fee for their data and advice; others can be a little craftier when it comes to making money off their client base.

With no real regulation in place for many of these tipsters, they could overstep the mark. You might think you’re signing up for a short period but could find yourself locked in for longer. Always read the small print and consider what the financial and emotional costs could be for making an error of judgement.

Justifying Return on Investment

We are aware of professional tipsters making impressive profits on Champions League matches or English leagues. Quite often, they use the average profit point from the results in previous months as a guide to what you could make with their bets.

If their advice carries a high subscription cost, you should take this into account. A £50 per month plan may not represent good value if you only bet a set stake of £1 or £2 for each bet. There’s a chance that breaking even may not even be possible.

On the Balance of Things

Some paid subscriptions offer a lot of value – but not all beat the quality, free tips available on certain platforms. It is up to you to pay for legit, premium services or opt for those who possess the right knowledge and data but have no subscription fees.

You can save yourself money by trying out some of our recommended tipsters. Some paid options have free trials which may give you a taste of their quality. Also, remember nothing is stopping you from paying for tips and using sites/channels that offer free betting predictions.

The Types of Tipster You Should Avoid

Anyone with an internet connection can provide racing or football betting tips promising substantial profits. For that reason alone, we don’t recommend taking any advice as gospel. Successful tipsters are who you want to align yourself with – here are some types you are best to avoid.

Amateur and Unconvincing

Professional tipsters make some effort to appear legitimate. Having active social media accounts is often enough to present a good online presence; there you can find followers, track records, and other indicators that can be verified online. Like the best tipsters on Twitter, they can spot amateur pretenders a mile off; these types seldom pass the smell test.

Annoying and Spammy

Social media platforms like Facebook and X are common hunting grounds of this type. They spam ads and links with tags such as “best football tipsters” or even specific football bets. These are never to be trusted – in addition to resorting to such lows to promote their offers, these “tipsters” may be looking to phish data by hacking your profile.

Imposters and Con Artists

We are aware of incidents in which fakes and fraudsters have impersonated popular tipsters for financial gain. These con artists design social media handles or email addresses closely resembling those of the real McCoy. When they have gained your trust, they charge extortionate fees and prices for “exclusive” tips available elsewhere for free.

Pushy and Sales-Driven

Tipsters that appear overly concerned with getting your money from you should be avoided. Preferably without parting with any cost. If you are offered tiers and packages of any kind, it’s better to block these types. You owe them nothing, despite what they say – if they continue to push or harass for a sale, report them to mods, admins, or the site itself.

Anyone Offering Guarantees

We have never heard of any fool proof football betting strategy. Even the most successful horse racing tipsters lose from time to time! So, despite what anyone tries to tell you, there is no such thing as guaranteed wins – gambling always involves an element of risk.

How to Follow Our Best Tipsters Today

All you need is an internet connection and an account to follow some of the best tipsters in the world. The Crypto Sports Tips Telegram Channel features fact and stats-driven football predictions and advice for a myriad of top markets. Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss out!


Why are some betting tips free but not others?

Some betting tips are offered for free but others carry fees to compensate tipsters for time, or to support a site’s costs. For example, when running football tipster services and platforms. The best free tipsters may be affiliated with brands that financially compensate them for their insight, so it’s not always a case of paying for the best.

Who are the best betting tipsters?

They are the upper tier of outstanding betting brains specialising in particular sports. You can identify the best tipsters in football by track records and achievements the same way you would with rugby, tennis, or boxing tipsters. Whether it’s the best Twitter betting tipsters or the top predictors on Telegram, they should be able to showcase their results.

Is it worth paying for betting tips?

This is ultimately a decision you must make based on affordability and budget. There are plenty of pay-per-view and free tipsters offering quality, sage predictions and picks for all kinds of sports and markets. Following the right ones is more conducive to a positive return on investment than simply paying anyone with their hand out.

What credentials do top tipsters have?

We consider good tipsters to have a proven track record of success, demonstrable knowledge of their sports, and a strong reputation among peers. The best types of predictors can demonstrate how their betting decisions have led to a strong return on investment for themselves and their followers.

Can I trust free betting tips?

It depends on the tips. Both free and fee-based tips vary in quality, so it’s a question of where the tips are coming from. If you have done your homework and can verify the source of the tips can be trusted, there’s your answer! Some of the top football and best horse tipsters right now charge nothing for their advice, while others carry fees.

Which sports do tipsters provide selections and predictions for the most?

Football and horse racing are two of the most popular sports in the UK. As such, a large portion of tips online tend to be geared toward both. With that said, you’ll find tips for cricket, boxing, tennis, rugby, and other popular sports. Just not at the same rate as with football.

Where can I view the best tipsters for individual sports?

No one site or platform has an absolute monopoly on quality tips. With that in mind, look for what different tipsters and publications on gambling sites, social media, and private websites can do for you. When you find good, consistent advice, follow that person or service – this way you can build a repertoire of good sources.

Are you ever guaranteed a winner from betting tips?

No. Even the most profitable tipster in the world loses. The same can be said for any of the best racing tipsters or outstanding names in any sport. There is no such thing as a sure thing in gambling – if there was, tipsters would be too busy enjoying their riches to be making predictions on matches and events.

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