The Best Boxing Tipsters in 2024

Advice from the best boxing tipsters could enhance your chances of winning money on the fights. Some tipsters charge fees for providing you with advice, while others share their tips for free. You can compare some of the best tipsters in boxing from the following list.

Best Boxing Tipsters in the World

  1. Tipman Tips – Leading boxing tipster service with free one-month subscription.
  2. SafeBettingSites Telegram channel – Best Telegram betting channel for boxing.
  3. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – Soon to launch Telegram channel featuring cutting-edge AI-generated tips.
  4. The Fight with Teddy Atlas – Legendary boxing trainer gives free advice and tips.
  5. Daily Betting Picks – Leading online boxing YouTube channel.
  6. Oddsbot – Excellent record for predicting boxing winners.
  7. Jim Karas Boxing – One of the finest Twitter boxing predictions pages.
  8. Dan Rafael – Free tips from one of the biggest names in boxing broadcasting.
  9. Bad Man Betting – Get consistent boxing betting tips on Facebook and more.
  10. Covers – Quality boxing predictions and tips for free.

Top Boxing Tipsters Reviewed

If you want to make money on boxing betting tips, we have some names that could help. These are all trusted sources for boxing bets and tips, covering everything from the biggest fights in the world to smaller, regional affairs.

1. Tipman Tips – Top Boxing Advice from Award-Winning Tipsters

Tipman Tips

We’re big fans of the boxing tips on Tipman Tips. The website is something of a goldmine for predictions covering all major sports, like football and horse racing. They have a separate section where you can access their tips for boxing, which we advise doing.

One thing that stands out about the predictions and picks made at Tipman Tips is how well-researched they are. A lot of thought goes into rationalising each one, which is more than can be said for other tipsters. Try them out with a free one-month subscription today.

2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel – Free Tips From Knowledgeable Boxing Tipsters

SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

You can get free tips for the boxing just by visiting the SafeBettingSites Telegram channel. What’s more, these tips come from respected analysts and writers who know a thing or two about the sport. Better still, they won’t cost you a thing!

We’re always keen to recommend SafeBettingSites due to the quality of their advice. But there’s also something to be said for their market knowledge, which is clear when their tipsters find new and innovative ways to capitalise on value bets available at online bookmakers.

3. BetIdeas Telegram Channel

In this modern world of ours, smart folks are taking advantage of new technology. One of the more exciting developments of recent times has been getting our boxing betting tips from artificial intelligence. A great introduction to this monde nouveau will be the BetIdeas Telegram Channel, which is coming soon.

With BetIdeas, human bias and fallibility go out the window. Everything is done by technology, with boxing predictions emerging out of thousands upon thousands of simulations. You can market selections based on the intelligence of computers, rather than relying on the advice of that bloke in the bookies.

4. The Fight with Teddy Atlas

The Fight With Teddy Atlas boxing tipsters

We’ve been getting boxing betting tips from Teddy Atlas through his podcast for a good few years. The legendary trainer, who oversaw the development of a young Mike Tyson among others, knows his stuff. Better yet, he loves to talk in-depth about the sport – this makes for comprehensive boxing predictions.

Atlas owns one of the most fascinating boxing minds there has ever been. When you tune into The Fight with Teddy Atlas, you can gain knowledge for free on any of the big bouts coming up. He’s also an MMA convert and spends time making predictions for the UFC and Bellator fights, which might also appeal to you.

5. Daily Betting Picks

Daily Betting Picks

If you’re looking for free predictions for upcoming fights, check out Daily Picks by Action Network & VegasInsider on YouTube. These guys ooze professionalism, making it very easy to target the best bets from upcoming fights. Some of the takes from Sergio Mora make for great listening.

Another thing we like about this channel is that it’s so easy to navigate. As these guys cater to other sports – with everything from NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB predictions available – you can filter to boxing videos only. We’re fans and are sure you’ll like them, too!

How to Choose from Expert Boxing Tipsters

If you’re betting on boxing on a regular basis, you might benefit from advice from the experts. But with so many tips for professional boxing matches available before fights, it can be tough to know who to listen to. Here’s some advice for identifying the best.

  • Knowledge and Experience – While you don’t have to be a former world champion or legendary coach to give tips, it may help. You can often find comprehensive fight breakdowns from the ex-pros on social media and YouTube.
  • Provable Success – Can the tipster prove a track record of success, such as positive returns and making money from previous fights? Transparent tipsters who publish their results, even if sometimes unflattering, are worthy of respect.
  • Speciality and Reach – Everyone will have an opinion about the heavyweight championship fight, but fewer tipsters specialise in smaller, regional markets. Tipsters with advanced knowledge of small markets could be good for your type of bets.
  • Consistent Profits – Successful tipsters are those who can make money on boxing bets consistently. We’re only interested in those who find success betting on boxing odds by applying knowledge and insight, rather than guessing arbitrarily.
  • Pricing and Value – You can spot pro tipsters with good setups by analysing how they treat their customer base. Anyone charging fees should be able to justify them; some even offer a weekly or free month trial to sample their product.
  • Feedback and Reviews – Make sure to read genuine-looking reviews of any paid service. Avoid anyone with excessive fake reviews with unrealistic numbers, or too many mentions of winning eye-watering boxing accumulators every weekend.

How Boxing Betting Tips Are Made

The best boxing tipsters share a deep and complex understanding of the fundamentals of the sport. When creating tips or potential boxing bets, they hone on the stylistic clash and other important factors that could be decisive in who wins. Here is a snapshot of how they create their tips.

Primary Research

It’s generally easier for tipsters to predict the winners from fights featuring notorious boxers. This is because there is more footage and data out there to use. What separates expert boxing tipsters from average ones is their commitment to detail.

Tangible Factors and Dynamics

Advanced age, dwindling speed, and commitment to training are all tangible factors that can affect fights. Dynamics include areas such as the stylistic matchup, home advantage, and who wins the pre-fight mental war.


Unlike tangible factors and dynamics, intangibles are difficult to assess objectively. Like performances of fighters under new, inexperienced coaches. Whether they are providing tips for major fights or undercard fights, expert tipsters never ignore these.

Betting Market Considerations

There is a huge range of betting markets for tipsters to peruse, which may influence their final tips. For instance, there may be phenomenal betting value in backing Fighter A to beat Fighter B by stoppage if the rationale for this is convincing.

Specific market selections may be recommended when the tipster identifies value in some of the following.

  • Under 8.5 Rounds – The likelihood of an early finish is higher than the odds of making the 9th
  • Fighter A to Get Knocked Down and Win – Heavyweight champion rematch primed to resemble the first bout.
  • No Knockdowns – Two iron-chinned fighters who have never tasted the canvas.

Evaluation and Predictions

With all the above considered, a tipster now has the chance to summarise their case. It’s crucial to outline why they feel a fight will go a certain way, providing a good rationale for doing so. They may also highlight more ways to make money on boxing betting fights like this one, providing advice for some of the undercard fights on the show.

How to Join the Best Boxing Tipster

Our top tipster for boxing is Tipman. This site provides some of the most hard-hitting, fact-backed tips in the industry, which you can try for free for one month. Here’s how to get signed up!

Step 1 – Head over to

Step 2 – Select your subscription or request your free month

Step 3 – Register for an account

Step 4 – Or join the free Telegram group instead

Step 5 – Get your tips

Free Boxing Tipsters vs. Paid Subscription Services

You’ll find tons of boxing predictions for free online. Others can only be found behind a paywall – this means you must pay for a subscription to see the tips they give. Here are some things to consider when deciding which is best.

Try Before You Buy

There is no guarantee that pay-per-view tips will be of better quality than free ones. When some folks are charging over £50 per month, it can end up costly. Perhaps availing yourself of a trial period can help?

Most Top Tipsters Don’t Charge

There are very few respected boxing tipsters charging for their services. Unlike many football betting tipsters, most of the brains in boxing are happy to share their wealth of knowledge without asking for anything in return.

Look for Good Value

One of the downsides of taking free tips on board from former boxers or trainers is that they may be biased. Boxing has a rich culture of bravado and BS, so you can’t always believe everything you hear. A good tipster won’t have the same issue and may even offer value with comprehensive, stat-driven tips and betting advice.

Are There Any Boxing Tipping Services You Should Avoid?

Yes. Unfortunately, there are some betting tipsters and services that should be ducked and slipped at all costs. Here are a few warning signs to help you recognise them.

  • Little to No Online Footprint – Reputable tipster services usually have a good subscription base and are easy to find online.
  • Bad Reviews – If there are more unsatisfied customers than happy campers, it’s probably best to give them a miss.
  • Pushy and Aggressive – Never allow anyone to push you into paying for boxing tips you don’t want.
  • Promises of Unrealistic Profits – If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it usually is.
  • Random or Unresearched Tips – Whether it’s free or not, tips that have no substance are basis are worthless.
  • Poor Writing and Copy – When paying for a service, you should expect a high level of professionalism.

How to Follow Our Boxing Tips

Our soon-to-launch BetIdeas Telegram Channel features AI-generated boxing tips that are cut above. These unbiased tips are the result of countless simulations based on the factors and data that matter. Make sure to sign up to get your free tips before fight night!

The Best Boxing Tipsters in Summary

Boxing betting tipsters are among the most knowledgeable in the gambling industry. With a sport as complex as this, they must be. Finding and following the leading minds in the sport can be conducive to your success as a bettor. Now you know who to follow, the rest is up to you.


Should I pay for premium boxing tips?

That depends on who is providing the tips! Boxing is an intricate sport, so expert knowledge can go a long way to cracking who wins. Just ensure you factor in costs before paying.

Are there free boxing predictions available?

Yes. Thankfully for bettors like you, so much expert knowledge and advice are available for free via social media and YouTube. You can find a lot of subpar and amateur predictions for free also, so be careful with the information you take to heart.

Who are the best boxing tipsters?

We rate the best boxing tipsters are those who share precise and fact-based knowledge with their audiences. Whether tips are free or chargeable does not always affect the strengths of the tips – for this reason, we always recommend considering all betting options available to you.

Am I guaranteed to make a profit from boxing tips?

The short answer is no, you are not guaranteed to make any money when betting. Top-notch boxing tips can enhance your chances of winning money, but gambling is risk-based by nature. Even stellar advice and predictions from the best boxing tipsters can be undone by bad luck or odds upsets.

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