The Best Golf Tipsters in 2024

The best golf tipsters in the world find new and innovative ways to make consistent profits. Some provide their golf selections and predictions for free while others charge fees to access them. Use our list of recommended golf betting tipsters to find one that works for you.

Top Golf Tipsters in the World

You can find a whole host of knowledgeable tipsters online on platforms like Telegram, Twitter (X), and Facebook. Some may also have websites you can use to find your online golf tips. Here are our ten highest-rated tipsters in the world.

  1. Tipman Tips – Best golf tipster in the UK and beyond.
  2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel – Excellent source for free golf tips.
  3. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – AI-generated tips and golf predictions.
  4. GolfInsider – One of the finest golf tipsters around.
  5. Steve Palmer’s Golf Betting Tips – Free tips from Racing Post
  6. Golf Betting System – Facebook golf betting group with over 6k members.
  7. Golf Tips Checker – Golf tips tracking service covering over 180+ sources.
  8. Steve Bamford Golf – Comprehensive YouTube golf betting tips and advice.
  9. GolfForecast – Algorithm-fed predictions and tips for golf.
  10. Ben Coley – Quality golf tipster with clear and quality reasoning.

Best Golf Tipsters Reviewed

Not all tipsters providing expert golf selections charge money upfront. Some offer free trials, with others happy to operate completely free of charge. Here’s a closer look at our recommended tipsters, which are a mix of all the above.

1. Tipman Tips – Exceptional Golf Tipping Service with Free Trial

Tipman Tips best golf tipsters

Find incisive and hard-hitting tips for all major tournaments at Tipman. One of our most recommended and best betting tipsters, Tipman is offering up to a 1-month free trial to anyone who wants to try them.

We suggest signing up for instant access to the Tipman Premium Telegram group. Here is where you’ll find some of the best golf tips doing the rounds today.

2. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel – Top Source for Free Tips

SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

Some of the best tipsters provide punters with a nice return on investment, simply for following their Telegram or Twitter channels. In the case of SafeBettingSites, their Telegram channel is a place where you can get genuinely great tips for free.

SafeBettingSites has some of the finest writers and betting analysts in the business, which certainly helps. Whether you’re betting on the Masters, The US Open, or anything else, get your tips there first!

3. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – Golf Tips and Predictions Powered by AI

Nothing will match the futuristic golf betting experience available at BetIdeas. Our Telegram Channel is set to launch soon, bringing with it state-of-the-art tips and betting advice from AI programs. It truly is something else.

Make sure to sign up for the BetIdeas Telegram Channel to get the latest tips. This is something you do not want to miss out on.

4. GolfInsider – Quality Betting Tips from a Knowledgeable Tipster

Golf Insider best golf tipsters

Covering everything from major tournaments to regional qualifiers, GolfInsider has proven its knowledge to bettors. They’ve picked some impressive winners over the years, too, with Chris Kirk (125/1) and Andrew Dodt (150/1) among some of the more eye-catching predictions.

GolfInsider charges £44.40 per month for tips, which is pretty high. You can get in touch with them through the website to avail yourself of a 100% money-back guarantee trial for 30 days.

5. Steve Palmer’s Golf Betting Tips – Highly-Respected Racing Post Golf Expert

Steve Palmer best golf tipsters

We’re fans of how Palmer gets into the important factors, such as player statistics while keeping a human touch. The Racing Post’s resident golf expert offers free advice and betting knowledge via the main “RP” website and their Twitter handle.

Palmer’s betting advice is always thorough yet compelling. Starting with his tips is a great way of getting used to betting on golf, as it won’t cost you a thing.

How to Select the Best Golf Betting Tipsters

You’ll find tipsters from all walks of life who are good at what they do. Profitable golf tipsters with the ability to pick outright winners and less obvious bets are the most desirable, however. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking your next tipster in golf.

  • Positive Track Record – Look for consistency in results and an overall good track record for predicting outcomes such as tournament winners.
  • Evidence of Profits – As the best golf tipsters can back up their claims with proof of profits, you should never feel nervous about asking to see it.
  • Compelling Golf Content – The leading names in the business provide thought-provoking content that looks the part; this is what you want!
  • Sound Rationale for Tips – Aim for tipsters who explain, in detail, why a certain player or market is worth betting on. Let them convince you!
  • Knowledge of Betting Markets – Tipsters in golf must have specialist knowledge of both pre-match and live markets if they are to excel.
  • Reputation and Reception – Are these the tipsters with the best reputation for success and have you heard of them before?

How Golf Betting Tips Are Made

Success in golf betting comes down to applying knowledge and sound reasoning to your wagers. Golf tipsters and tipster services know this. As such, they value data relating to things like player form, course records, and other critical factors.

General Research

Every tournament is a brand-new opportunity to make money betting on golf. But any upcoming tournaments like the Augusta National or European tours have happened before. As such, tipsters research performance metrics such as past winners and placers as well as other elements such as weather conditions and even exterior issues in players’ lives.

Course Specifics

Some players favour specific courses, and this can influence performance. To get even close to accurate predictions, everything from the layout to hazards must be factored in. What’s more, they must be built around a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to reveal if they are likely to put in a good showing.

Odds and Markets

Tipsters betting on golf must have a strong knowledge of betting markets available. Leading tipsters are aware of what you can bet on in both major golfing events and smaller competitions, such as outright markets, head-to-heads, and correct scores. Some professional golf tipsters specialise in certain events, offering original golf bet tips.

Stats and Specialised Data

We are aware of expert golf tipsters using computerised models and algorithms that produce results based on simulations. Many fact-based predictors may arrive at conclusions from data fed into a program. For example, BetIdeas uses advanced AI technology to produce predictions and tips for major golf tournaments and other prominent tour events globally.

How to Join the Best Golf Tipster

Get your Tipman golf betting tips by first signing up for your free trial or paid subscription. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Visit Now

Step 2 – Request a Free Month Trial or Choose a Subscription

Step 3 – Complete the Sign-Up Form

Step 4 – Join the Free Telegram Group

Step 5 – Receive Your Tips!

Free Golf Tipsters vs. Premium Services

You’ll find a selection of golf tipsters providing tips for free. There are also plenty of services you can subscribe to that carry fees for your monthly or weekly golf betting tips. Here are some things to consider when choosing between free and subscription-based services.

Start with Free Tips

There is a chance that you can do anything profitable tipsters do. Once you know what goes into a tip, this is certainly achievable. Now, whether you are looking to become the next big tipper – or just can’t afford to part with subscription fees – starting with free tips has myriad benefits without the cost.

Fees Don’t Guarantee Wins

Never listen to anyone trying to sell you the idea of guaranteed wins, as they do not exist. As such, services based on promises of “insider knowledge” or involving fixed matches should be avoided at all costs. Just because you have paid for advice doesn’t mean it is worth anything tangible.

Make Use of Free Trials

If you’re looking to graduate from free golf tipsters into the world of paid tips, you may be able to get a free taster. Plenty of golf tipsters – as well as some of the best football tipsters – provide a try-before-you-buy service. These can often be worth exploring, as it costs you nothing to test out the advice.

Are There Any Golf Tipping Services You Should Avoid?

Yes, there are plenty of shady services waiting in the shadows. Some tipster services sell promises of striking it rich, but you may be waiting a long time to see any golf profits. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

Unprofessional Setup

At the very least, you want a tipster’s service to look the part. A professional website, active social media channels with plenty of human followers, and podcast setups are good things to look for. It always helps if the service has a lively internet presence, too.

No Trial Period Offered

Sometimes, it’s simply better to avoid services that offer nothing to sample first. Some kind of trial period or free sample is common among golf, football, and boxing tipsters these days – so much so that it should raise alarms when one is not offered? There are exceptions to the rule, of course – but be careful!

Poor Reviews and Reputation

Review that tipster for level stakes before you hand over any money. While you shouldn’t base all your background checks on other people’s reviews, you should certainly not ignore them. If you encounter a lot of real, human reviews warning you away from a service, think about it.

Can’t Back Up Claims

We’ve seen some services post extraordinary track record results. Whether it’s getting every major winner right to dumping on undervalued players with small average stakes, these tipsters have done it all. Funnily enough, they just can’t prove it to you.

Guaranteed Golf Profits

A positive return on investment is the main aim when betting on golf predictions. Smart bettors know that it takes time and patience to see profits. This is why the idea of paying services promoting 100% guaranteed returns is just throwing your money away.

How to Follow Our Tipsters’ Golf Picks

Get AI-generated golf predictions and tips over on the soon-to-be-launched BetIdeas Telegram Channel. These tips are the result of thousands of simulations that are run through the most complex algorithms. Welcome to the future of golf tips!

The Best Golf Tipsters in Summary

If you’re interested in making monthly profits from golf tournament tips, it’s good to explore your options. The more learn about the sport, the better you become at being able to discern good advice from bad advice. This will ultimately help you follow the right people and increase your chances of making a profit.


Are paid tipsters better at golf predictions than free tips?

The short answer is no. There is no basis to suggest the best golf tipsters are the ones who charge fees for their knowledge and advice. However, some who rely on their tips to pay the bills may spend more time and effort on them, thus making them more comprehensive. Ultimately, it comes down to the person or service providing the tips.

Who is the best golf tipster?

No one golf expert has stood out among the pack to be declared the best of them all. As illustrated by our list of the best names in the game, there are plenty of tipsters who are among the top candidates currently providing betting advice online.

Which golf tournaments are covered most from a tipping perspective?

More often than not, you’ll find golf majors and other renowned tournaments the subject of betting tips. The reasons why the US Open, The Ryder Cup, The Masters, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship get more attention are because they garner more attention and, thus, more people bet on them.

Who are the best golf tipsters on Twitter?

We’re fond of many golf tip handles on Twitter. With that said, we believe the likes of Peter Finch Golf and the Racing Post’s Steve Palmer are among the very best out there today.

What thinking goes into expert golf tips?

Good tips are fact-based propositions that have been carefully put together following extensive research and analysis. Experts consider tangible factors such as player form, weather, past performances, and course terrain, among other things, when making their predictions for bettors.

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