The Best Greyhound Tipsters in 2024

Welcome to our guide to the best greyhound tipsters.

Best Greyhound Tipsters in the World

  1. Tipman Tips – Long established multi-sport tipping service
  2. BetIdeas Telegram Channel – AI generated tips
  3. Premier Greyhound Tips – £300 profit every month
  4. Greyhound Maestro – Each individual tip available to check
  5. Mad Dog Man Tips – Huge 30% ROI
  6. Leader of the Pack – £6,500 profit from £25 a point stakes
  7. The Greyhound Punter – Top tipster on Twitter
  8. MyRacing – Free greyhound advice
  9. Timeform – Betting experts deliver on greyhounds
  10. Sporting Life – Free tips available

Top Greyhound Tipster Reviews

Let’s give you a deeper analysis of our favourite greyhound tipsters with some in-depth reviews.

1. Tipman Tips

Tipman Tips

Tipman Tips are a subscription service providing advice across a variety of sports, which includes greyhound betting. It is therefore an excellent choice for anyone looking for tips on greyhounds, that also enjoys betting on sports such as horse racing, football or tennis.

These very best betting tipsters have been tipping profitably for four years and you can check out their records to prove it, with the possibility to examining individual years, months and even weeks. Their lead tipster has nine years of tracking data available, so Tipman Tips are a service that you can really trust for any upcoming race. As well as a subscription service, they also offer a free Telegram channel.

2. BetIdeas Telegram Channel

Here at BetIdeas, we produce AI generated betting tips. This is another service that is multi-sport, so it will appeal to punters who enjoy betting on a greyhound race, but also bet on football, tennis, horse racing and other sports, whenever they can identify a strong opportunity.

Our AI generated tips are designed to find such opportunities, pouring through the form book to spot moments when the odds do not tally with the true probability of a selection winning. Our experts then add reasoning to the tips, so that punters know why our picks have been chosen. This service can be access by joining the BetIdeas Telegram channel, to ensure that you never miss one of our tips.

3. Premier Greyhound Tips

If you want a dedicated tipping service for greyhound bets, then we’d recommend Premier Greyhound Tips. Found on the Betting Gods platform, this service has an extremely impressive record.

Dating back nearly ten years to 2014, they have generated nearly £35,000 worth of profit from their staking plan. It’s a 13% return on investment, averaging over £300 of profit every month. You will receive tips every day at 12pm, with average odds of 5.71.

4. Greyhound Maestro

Greyhound Maestro best greyhound tipsters

Over on the Bet Hub tipster platform you can find Greyhound Maestro. It is a subscription service, but there is a free trial to get you started. You can look back at their profits and even check through their individual tips to see how they fared, dating back to 2018.

You will receive one to two greyhound tips a day, accompanied by detailed reasoning to support these picks. It is a simple service to follow with an impressive track record. Around 30% of their tips are typically winners, delivering a steady stream of profits.

5. Mad Dog Man Tips

Mad Dog Man Tips can be on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. He runs a subscription Telegram channel service. It has been giving out tips for three years and has an impressive record, with only four months failing to produce a profit.

The ROI sits around 30% which is quite a feat. You’ll receive the tips at a set time, five days a week. Their key selections tend to be value picks at big odds, which other tipsters can often overlook.

Selecting the Right Greyhounds Tipster for You

Having seen our rankings of the best greyhound tipsters, you may be wondering how we came to our conclusions. Here are some of the criteria that we consider to be important.

Track Record

Being able to show a monthly profit is an impressive feat, but it’s less impressive if the records only stretch back two or three months. We like to see at least a year of profit/loss records and preferably longer.


How much of an annual profit is the tipping service producing? This is best expressed in terms of a return on investment, shown as a percentage. When such figures are produced, punters can understand how much they could potentially win, based on their preferred level of staking.


Even with a demonstrable record of success, a good tipster will need to add some reasoning if they want punters to follow their advice. Picking out winners is not enough. We like tipsters to explain why they have come to their conclusions, which is not just persuasive, but can also be educational.


How easy is it to access the tips? If a website is clunky and difficult to use, then it will be undesirable to use, regardless of long-term results. Many tipsters are now using platforms like Telegram, to deliver their tips in a manner that is very efficient and easy for the user.


Some daily greyhound racing tips services come with a subscription charge. When that’s the case, we scrutinise the cost of the subscription against the success rate of their tips. A solid tipster who delivers profits can still charge too much to make their service worth the cost.

How Greyhound Tips Are Made

Now it’s time to examine how greyhound racing tips are made. A general rule for tipsters, regardless of the sport is that they are not just looking to pick out winners, but winners that provide value.

Value in gambling is where the betting odds for a selection are bigger than they really should be, based on the true probability of that selection winning. This is true of the best horse racing tipsters out there too.

When it comes to dog racing, expert tipsters in the sport employ a number of factors to try to determine the probability of a selection being a winner. The main one is form. A greyhounds tipster will closely examine the form book to look at the respective dogs’ recent records, their performance at the track in question and how they deal with the appropriate weather conditions. They will also consider issues like trap bias.

This detailed analysis, combined with many years of experience, gives successful tipsters an understanding of greyhound racing, that the average punter can’t compete with.

How to Join the Best Greyhound Tipster

We rated Tipman Tips as being the best greyhound tipsters. Here’s how you can sign up for their free Telegram channel to try them out with minimal risk.

1. Download Telegram


If you haven’t already done so, you will need to download Telegram. Visit the telegram website if on a computer, or through the appropriate app store, should you be using a mobile device.

2. Visit the Tipman Tips Website

Tipman Tips sign up

Go to the Tipman Tips website. Click on the heading marked ‘Subscriptions’. Scroll down until you see the message ‘Get involved in our FREE telegram group!’ on the right-hand side of the page.

3. Join Telegram Group

Click on the green button marked ‘Free Group’. You will then be sent through to the Telegram website. Click on the blue button marked ‘Join Channel’.

4. Enjoy the Tips!

You will now receive free tips featuring different bet types, including greyhound advice, which will be delivered straight to your Telegram app.

Free vs. Paid Greyhound Racing Tipsters

Some tipster services give charge a subscription for their services, while others give away their greyhound tips for free.

It is easy to assume that the services which cost something, must be better. This is not necessarily true. Generally, it’s simply a matter of a different funding method being employed.

Many current greyhound tipsters partner up with bookmakers and receive a percentage of the sign-ups that they generate. Another option is for tipsers to be employed by bookies or gambling media companies, who produce greyhound racing content and are looking to attract new customers.

Those methods of funding are just as legitimate as those that charge for a subscription. All that really matters is that a betting expert’s daily greyhound racing tips produce a decent return on investment, regardless of how they choose to earn money from their expertise.

Is There a Type of Greyhound Tipster Service I Should Avoid?

As we’ve said, both the free and subscription methods of funding are legitimate, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious, when it comes to who you take your greyhound tips from.

The most important thing to establish that the tipster has a consistent track record. Ideally, we want to see evidence of a successful strike rate. If a tipster doesn’t provide these sort of records, then it is a worry.

Be cautious too if there are records, which don’t go back too far. Making profit on greyhounds for a month or two doesn’t necessarily mean that that will continue over a longer period.

Another possible problem is if the tips are presented without much way of an explanation as to why the tipster came to their decision. A seasoned greyhound racing expert should be able to explain how why they have gone for their particular picks.

How to Follow Our Greyhound Racing Tips

We produce greyhound tips through AI generated technology on BetIdeas. Through such data modelling, this identifies opportunities where there is value in greyhound betting, with our analysts adding expert insights to give more information to greyhound punters.

Sign up for the BetIdeas Telegram channel now, to ensure that you get these tips sent straight to your phone.

The Best Greyhound Tipsters in Summary

We hope that you enjoyed our guide to the best greyhound tipsters. If you’re regularly placing bets on greyhounds, then getting some expert advice is a great idea that will add to your profitability. There are some tipsters that are producing profits, month after month, year after year and smart punters are taking advantage of this facility.


Are there any tipsters giving daily greyhound betting tips?

There are a wide range of tipsters giving out tips on a daily basis for greyhounds, ranging from everyday meetings, right up to the Greyhound Derby. It’s a sport with a year round, everyday schedule and tipsters will help you to profit from that.

Who is the best greyhound tipster?

Tipman Tips came top of our greyhound tips review. It’s a subscription tipping service that posts consistently profitable tips for a range of sports, including greyhounds. Other services that we’d recommend include BetIdeas Telegram Channel, Premier Greyhound Tips, Trapmaster and Greyhound Maestro.

What makes a good dog racing tipster?

There are some factors that tend to be common amongst tipsters with an outstanding track record for giving greyhound racing betting tips. They have lengthy experience of following the sport, study form closely and are able to interpret it to present value betting opportunities.

Are there any guarantees that tipster predictions on greyhound races will be winners?

There are no guarantees for greyhound punters when they place a bet, but if you’re following a reliable tipster with a strong record of profits dating back years, then there is close to a guarantee of success, if you consistently follow their advice.

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